Freelance Designer
& Art Director
As we delved into Yeti Cycles' latest line, which featured a revamped Switch Infinity, it dawned upon us that they had essentially "recomputed infinity." But what if we were to translate this recalculated concept into the tangible world? The result would be an exhilarating terrain for cycling and a plethora of mind-bending visuals to usher in Yeti's fresh collection.

Collaborating closely with GFC, we brought this visionary concept to fruition, teaming up with the skilled 3D artist Plastic Bionic and harnessing Casey Kerrick's remarkable retouching talents to breathe life into the concept.
Yeti Cycles

Art Direction, Design

Creative Direction – Good Fortune Collective
3D Artist – Plastic Bionic
Retouching – Casey Kerrick
Photographers - Dave Trumpore, Eyeroam, Ben Page

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