Brand Identity Designer
& Art Director
Studio Brewing

Burnaby, British Columbia

Packaging Design

Jack Funn, Creative Director @ Skeleton Crew Creative Studio
James Hearn, Strategy Director @ Skeleton Crew Creative Studio
Maksee, Photographer

Studio Brewing, a fresh and exciting brewery based in Burnaby, has been making waves in the beer scene with its eclectic and high-quality beer offerings. We collaborated with them to define their packaging needs for their ever-changing lineup of limited-run beers.

The result is a packaging system inspired by Studio Brewing's distinct logo, utilizing the bold horizontal thicks and vertical thins to craft a numeral system that exudes the Studio identity. Each numeral is thoughtfully adorned with colors inspired by the beer itself or its name. This system has proven its success through more than 20 iterations, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness. It's a testament to Studio Brewing's commitment to innovation and creativity as they continue to redefine the world of brewing.

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