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‘Shaft on draft’ was a cocktail so popular in Banff, Alberta that it outsold beer. But previously only available on tap. We worked with Park Distillery to develop a name, brand, and packaging to bring the drink to market in its canned form.

Park Distillery, based in the heart of Banff, at the base of the iconicly shaped mountain - Mount Rundle. This became the inspiration for the can, along with the colour palette which references the uniforms of the Parks Canada rangers. Designed to ‘just feel like it belongs in the Rockies’.

Served in a tiny 250mL can, it’s the perfect beverage to perk you up after a day of adventure and to elevate you into a night of apres.

Park Distillery

Packaging, Brand Identity, Art Direction

Creative Direction – Glasfurd & Walker
Photography – Ian Lanterman
Designed whilst working at Glasfurd & Walker
Photography by Ian Lanterman

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