Art Direction
The 'Shaft on Draft' cocktail was a Banff, Alberta sensation, so beloved that it even outsold beer, but it was previously only available on tap. Our collaboration with Park Distillery was aimed at creating a name, brand, and packaging to introduce this popular drink in a convenient canned format.

Situated in the heart of Banff, right at the base of the iconic Mount Rundle, Park Distillery served as the inspiration for the can's design. We drew from the mountain's distinctive shape and the color palette that pays homage to the uniforms of Parks Canada rangers. The goal was to make it feel like an integral part of the Rocky Mountains.

Served in a compact 250mL can, it's the ideal beverage to rejuvenate after a day of adventure and set the tone for a lively evening of après-ski or après-adventure.

Park Distillery

Packaging, Brand Identity, Art Direction

Creative Direction – Glasfurd & Walker
Photography – Ian Lanterman
Designed whilst working at Glasfurd & Walker
Photography by Ian Lanterman

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