Art Direction
Lab Theory is Rubicon Organics’ premium cannabis concentrate brand, which they were looking to launch as the most expensive product on the market.

In what was a tight turnaround to launch, our brief was to create a brand that felt premium, but in a way that fit the drop’ culture common in legacy cannabis as well as streetwear. Taking inspiration from the process required to make these premium concentrates, Lab Theory looked to combine precise, clinical imagery with an experimental, psychedelic flavour.

Collaborating with a 3D artist, we created a series of ‘gradient’ textures that could morph and evolve with the products. We also shot the actual product in extreme macro in petri dishes for contrast, creating a visual identity that stood out on the shelf while demonstrating the concentrates in a hard-working way that was needed for point of sale.
Lab Theory

Brand Identity, Photography, Art Direction

Skeleton Crew

Completed whilst freelancing with Skeleton Crew 

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