Art Direction
Rubicon Organics embarked on a daring exploration of cultivating organic cannabis outdoors, branching out from their greenhouse operations. With the uncertainty surrounding the quality and yield of this new venture, they entrusted us with the task of establishing a fresh brand that would seamlessly complement their more established offerings.

Starting with the concept of "outdoor grown," we were immediately captivated by the evocative imagery and narratives of prairie crops, where the honest toil of dedicated farmers could make or break a harvest. In crafting 'Homestead,' we introduced a character with cowboy-esque qualities for the brand. This character provided us with a rich tapestry of language and storytelling to distinguish between various cultivars, formats, or any other path this experiment might lead them down. 'Homestead' has since captured the hearts of customers, evolving into Rubicon's trusted budget brand.
Homestead, Rubicon Organics


Skeleton Crew

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