ICO – ‘Your Data Matters’ campaign
Role: Design, art direction, concept development
Produced while working at Squad

In May of 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into place across the UK to give a much-needed update to previously out-dated laws since there is now such a massive amount of data generated online every day since the rise of the internet over the last two decades.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) came to Squad for a campaign to launch alongside GDPR in which to raise awareness and improve confidence among the general public around how their data is used today.
The ‘Your Data Matters’ strap-line was devised and underpinned by a family of ‘data-heads’ – a series of illustrated characters with fingerprints as heads (to represent personal data).

The family of data-heads were used across a series of print assets, as well as animations to demonstrate how data is used in the modern world today. This provided a platform to show real-world scenarios of how the new regulations can affect people.

We developed a full suite of off-the-shelf materials for organisations to use, including video, advertising and social content. This made it easier for those wanting to inform their customers without having to create their own materials and enabled the ICO to deliver a consistent and coherent message.


The logo devised was created to represent a digital on/off switch, to portray that people have control over how their data is used.


I worked with Creative Director at Squad, David Barraclough to develop the visual style, illustration and art direction across all touchpoints, as well as designing much of the final assets, including directing the animation and voice-overs.