Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair
Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair
Idea: Craft Says Something
Produced while working at Squad

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair is one of the largest events of its kind in the UK and attracts over 6,000 visitors each year. Showcasing over 160 ‘designer-makers’. From furniture makers to contemporary ceramicists, printmakers and jewellers.

The strategy devised by Rob and David at Squad was to reframe how the public thought about ‘craft’, as typically this conjures up images of flowery paintings and hand-made mugs, rather than products designed and manufactured by nationally acclaimed artists.

The idea “Craft Says Something” was used to highlight that whilst the products are as stylish as high-end retailers, they have an added depth and story behind each item.

I worked with renowned product photographer Kevin Summers to shoot a select number of the items available at the shows. As well as rolling the campaignable identity across a wide range of touchpoints across the craft fair.